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Cropped tops are IN, but many women, including myself, don't feel confident about baring the midriff. What should we do about this hot summer trend?

A longer cropped top like the one shown above can work for those of us who would rather be modest. If you wear a mid-rise bottom, you are only showing a sliver of skin around your waist, which makes you look trendy without revealing your rib cage or your tummy.

Only models and model-like women have no problem displaying their rib cages and bellies.

See how flat the model's stomach looks! I wonder if it can stay this way after she eats or sits down. Even though I also have a flat ab, it expands a little after I eat or sit down, and I would NEVER let anyone else see that!

Besides the concerns brought up above, you need a nipped-in waist to really pull off a short cropped top.

The waistline is what a short cropped top and low-rise bottom combo is meant to showcase. If you have a slender waistline like this model's, show it off by all means!

I won't have such a nip in the waist no matter how skinny I get, because there's just not enough distance between my rib cage and hip bones for inward curves. If you have a short waist like mine, then such a short cropped top is not for you, either. We must choose longer cropped tops.

For short-waisted women, the best length of cropped tops hits right at the bottom of the rib cage. If you can't find a cropped top in the perfect length for you and don't want to bother with alterations, you can tie the bottom of a button-down shirt into a knot at your desired position to make it your cropped top, as shown below. The tie-knot style is on trend by the way (see my last week's post for more about tie-knot shirts).

The model's vertically striped pants are mid-rise, like the shorts I wore to visit Beverly Hills.


Speaking of shorts, I'll discuss how to choose hip-and-thigh-friendly shorts in my next post. Talk to you next week!

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