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For the traditional wedding month, my mid-week posts of June all feature wedding guest attire. This week let's envision ourselves at a beach wedding.

A trendy maxi dress with a tropical floral print like the one shown above would work perfectly for a female guest at a beach wedding. Or you can get it for just a stroll along the beach with a date or your other half---it may give him the idea of taking you to Hawaii!

What I love most about the Hawaiian flowers on my maxi dress is the way they go along the sides and come closer to the center at the waist. This gives me such a flattering silhouette that I don't need to belt the dress. I would highly recommend this kind of floral design to every woman.

However, this particular dress of mine may not be universally flattering because it's sleeveless. To wear it by itself, you need toned arms to really pull it off. If you are not into arm toning exercise, give my simple trick a try: while taking a shower, turn your side to the shower head and raise your arm high to let the warm shower hit your underarm area for two to three minutes; do the same for the other side and alternate a few times. The water pressure from the shower can stimulate fat burning for the underside of the upper arm, which is a problem area for many women.

In case this trick doesn't work as well for you as it does for me, you can always wrap a summer scarf around your upper arms when wearing a sleeveless maxi dress. The beach is a great place to don a long scarf, which will look very romantic when blown by winds from the ocean.

The beach can get a little chilly on a windy day even during the summer. So, it's a good idea to bring a jacket to the beach wedding you are attending. For the relaxed atmosphere at the beach, it's OK to layer a denim jacket over your maxi dress as a wedding guest there. A denim jacket is more structured than a cardigan and thus more slimming (see a more detailed analysis of this observation in one of my previous posts:


Somehow a floral denim jacket just looks more formal than a blue one. Besides, print on print is in. That's why I would layer a floral denim jacket over my floral maxi dress for attending a beach wedding. Please note that the floral print on my denim jacket is very subtle. When you do print on print, one of the prints must be a lot subtler than the other. Two eye-catching prints together would look too busy.

Something I like about print on print is the way it lets you get away with minimal accessories (I'm a minimalist in the jewelry department), but for going to the beach you'd better wear a hat to protect your face and hair from UV rays. You can don a huge beach hat if you are over 5'6". Otherwise it's better to choose a narrow brim, or a visor with a big front brim narrowing to the sides. This is because a wide hat would somewhat drape to the sides and create a going-downward visual effect, making you look shorter.

Speaking of height, while a maxi dress in a way beckons for flat sandals, if you prefer standing a little taller, you can wear wedge sandals (though shoe heels actually give you only about half of the heel height according to many on-line sources). As long as the wedges are lower than three inches, they will work fine when you walk on the sand.

Now, you are head-to-toe ready for the beach. Have fun! 

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