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Flatter Your Figure

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Did you see "The Great Gatsby"? The impeccably dressed Daisy Buchanan in the movie reminded me of this spring's daisy trend.

Inspired by all the fascinating 1920s costumes in the movie, I put on a fedora when wearing a champagne lace and chiffon dress with an embellished collar featuring 3-D daisies.

The olive green shrug layered over the dress not only keeps me warm in the capricious spring weather but also adds volume to the top and thus makes the waist beneath it look narrower by contrast. I highly recommend a shrug and a substantial belt for all short-waisted women like myself to define the waist.

By matching the same dress with a fancier belt, some jewelry, and metallic heels, you can turn it into cocktail attire instantly. 


See how easy it is to take this dress from daytime activities into an evening event?


If such an ultra-feminine dress is not for you, how about a daisy-print blouse? I would suggest pairing it with green jeans to look springy. Body-conscious women can pick a darker shade of green.

Let's embrace the dazzling daisy trend!