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Flatter Your Figure

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It's time to shop for a Mother's Day present. How about a burgundy blouse or blazer?

Burgundy was my mother's favorite wardrobe color until cancer took her life. She wore the burgundy lace dress shown above on her last birthday on earth. The white gold brooch and earring set you may notice on her was what I had given her for Mother's Day, about a month before her June birthday. The amethyst necklace you see on me is my favorite among all the pieces of jewelry she gave me.

Looking back, I wonder why I never thought of buying my mom a burgundy piece of clothing. Burgundy is a very flattering color---dark enough to optically trim your body, plus giving your skin a rosy glow with its reddish tone.

This idea came too late for me, but probably not for you. Few people have lost their mothers as early as I did. If your mom is still around, please remember to give her a nice present for the upcoming Mother's Day, as I wish I could.

If you like the idea of getting your mom a burgundy piece of clothing, keep in mind that a blouse, a button-down shirt, or a blazer would work better than a T-shirt or cardigan, because a structured top always looks more slimming than a soft one.

See the difference between the before and after pictures above? This mom definitely looks slimmer in the structured Mandarin blouse.

Of course there are some supper skinny moms. If your mom is one of them, the opposite should apply. However,  I would recommend something slimming for your mom even if she's smaller than size 10. As long as she's bigger than size 2, I bet she would rather look skinnier than she is.

Burgundy doesn't have to be the only color on your Mother's Day present if it's not your mom's favorite color. See the burgundy vertical stripes on my mom's blouse? Don't they look quite flattering? Stripes happen to be in right now---one more reason to get burgundy stripes for your mom.

You can read my 3/20/2013 post ( for more detailed information on how to choose flattering stripes.

Give your mom an unforgettable Mother's Day, while you can...