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Flatter Your Figure

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You may not be a hat person like me, but consider flattering the shape of your face with a wisely selected hat. Let me show you how.


See my Jackie O pillbox hat? Although I was born long after her White House years, I think I've figured out why she loved pillbox hats so much by observing her photos closely---Jackie had a square face, which looks narrower in the photos of her with a pillbox hat on her head.

A pillbox hat will add height on top to visually increase the length of your head, therefore counteracting the width of your face. That's how it makes your face look thinner.

Although my face has a classic oval shape which doesn't need any more length, I like the slimming visual effect of the pillbox hat because I get chubby-faced easily---whenever I gain two pounds, it shows in the face. My fair skin also tends to reflect light, making my face look bigger on camera. I'm more photogenic when wearing a pillbox hat.

If you like this Jackie O pillbox, you can get exactly the same one through the ad below.

However, if you have a skinny long face like Liv Tyler's or Sarah Jessica Parker's, your hat should be flat on top. Remember SJP's various hats in "Sex and the City"? Now you see why NONE of them was a pillbox.

If you are an oblong-faced churchgoing lady, I would suggest a feather fascinator for glamor plus a slightly widening visual effect via drawing attention to the side.

This lady's face (I greatly appreciate her letting me show her face in my blog) is actually oval, not oblong, but quite skinny, so the feather on the side looks fabulous on her. It wouldn't look so good with a fleshy oval face like mine. Feathers for a fleshy oval face should appear on the side of a pillbox hat instead. The same applies to wider faces.

What if you are wide-faced like Jackie O but fond of feather fascinators? Well, whether you have a square or round face, you can pick a fascinator with a big feather that extends very high up (a little higher than the one shown in the photo above), adding length to offset the width of your face.

Last but not least, let me show you another hat of mine that's suitable for attending Easter worship or a church wedding. This hat is not as high as a pillbox, but in a solid shape. While it doesn't add length, its hard texture is reminiscent of bones and can make my fleshy face appear more structured, therefore thinner.


I got this hat last year for less than $30, but people who have seen it all raved about it. So, it wouldn't cost you much to purchase a chic church hat, either in a store or on line.

Happy Easter!


















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