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Flatter Your Figure

See my wedge sneakers? Can you guess where I was when having this photo taken?



Flatter Your Figure

You may not be a hat person like me, but consider flattering the shape of your face with a wisely selected hat. Let me show you how.


See my Jackie O pillbox hat? Although I was born long after her White House years, I think I've figured out why she loved pillbox hats so much by observing her photos closely---Jackie had a square face, which looks narrower in the photos of her with a pillbox hat on her head.

Flatter Your Figure

As spring officially begins, let's go for one of this season's biggest trends: stripes.

About the Blog

"Flatter Your Figure" was launched on Blogspot on Thanksgiving 2012 to make the latest fashion work for different body types. Since it became highly popular within a few months, advertising opportunities were offered. For the convenience of receiving ads, the blog will be moved to this site on 3/20/2013, the first day of spring 2013. All the posts before 3/20/2013 stay on Blogspot. This blog will present a new post every Wednesday night or Thursday morning.


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