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Crystal was born in Taiwan and immigrated to California with her family as a teenager (teen photo above on the left). She holds a Master's degree in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership Studies with coursework in Journalism from Stanford University. She has been a full-time reporter with the Silicon Valley Community Newspapers and has had articles published in the San Jose Mercury News. She has also hosted countless community events as master of ceremonies. Currently, she works as an interpreter and  a regular contributor to and the Palo Alto Weekly, besides taking freelance writing and translation projects.

網主盧琪韶生於台湾,少女時代(左上图為少女時期照片)随家人移民美国加州。持有史丹福(大陆译斯坦福)大学教育行政硕士学位及新闻课程学分。曾於矽谷社区报社任全职记者,所作报導曾常被圣荷西水星报转载。常任社区活动主持人。 现任英文网路媒体PATCH.COM与社區報纸the Palo Alto Weekly特約記者与口譯工作, 另外從事創作与翻译。

Crystal has translated on a wide variety of topics such as computer technology, medicine, music, poetry, and biographies. Most notably, she has translated the Chinese biography of Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, former president of Google China and founder of Innovation Works, into English. Dr. Lee grew up in the US and writes excellent English himself. His choice of Crystal as the English translator of his Chinese biography naturally speaks for her outstanding English skills.


Crystal is not only a writer and translator but also a poet. Here is a Youtube video based on one of her poems, "Happy Big 6-0, Cupertino" :


Crystal loves event planning. She has organized numerous events for the Stanford Alumni Club of San Francisco. 喜爱筹備活动,曾为史大校友會辦过活动。

She also planned her own wedding, which took place on Valentine's Day 2009.  也自己筹画2009年的情人節婚礼。

To see Crystal's abilities in event planning and graphic design, view her wedding photos at (婚礼相簿在):

Since Thanksgiving 2012, Crystal has been writing a weekly fashion blog "Flatter Your figure," which has gained subscriptions in tens of thousands and continues to grow strong. 自從2012年感恩節起,每周撰写教女性如何配合身材穿着的部落格(博客),已有数萬固定读者,人氣持续上升。